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With more than 26 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Steve has extensive practice originating and structuring home loans for both purchase and refinance clients. He is a firm believer in exceptional customer service and adding value at every step of the process.

Steve is a top mortgage originator as well as manager. His leadership skills have produced some of the highest producing teams in California. Steve works with an extensive network of business managers/CPA’s and Realtors.

Having been a broker, banker and a correspondent, Steve’s skills set him apart from his competition due to his successful experience at every level of the mortgage business. Steve continues to be one of the most knowledgeable and well respected mortgage originators in our business.

About The Kathy Bost Team

Kathy Bost, since becoming a licensed Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent in 1985, has continually gained the respect of her clients as well as her peers. Kathy’s approach of treating all her clients with diligence, loyalty and total upfront honesty has helped her earn this distinction. Kathy has not only earned this through her thoroughness to detail but also through the experience of over 1500 closed transactions. Now that is not just big numbers, but a lot of happy homeowners. This approach Kathy utilizes is that of a whole network of professionals to help simplify the home transaction process.

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